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Disney Forms AI Task Force for Theme Parks and R&D


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Image for article titled Disney Has a New Task Force to Spread AI Throughout Its Not So Magic Kingdom
Photo: LouiesWorld1 (Shutterstock)

Disney is jumping on the artificial intelligence bandwagon.

The conglomerate has formed a new task force to determine how the technology can be strategically deployed across various parts of its vast entertainment and media empire. Reuters reports that the team is currently discussing how AI can be used to augment in-person experiences at Disney theme parks (presumably we’re talking about new animatronic robots here?), as well as how it could be used to cut costs related to digital entertainment and filmmaking (that’s assuredly bad news for anyone in Hollywood who likes having a job). At the same time, the task force is also said to be pursuing partnerships with various AI-focused startups, in the hopes of bringing different kinds of automation to the conglomerate’s myriad services and franchises.


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