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FIDO UX Guidelines FIDO Alliance


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Link: https://fidoalliance.org/ux-guidelines/


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UX Guidelines

Passkeys Creation and Sign-ins UX Guidelines

The FIDO Alliance UX Working Group created these set of guidelines for passkeys based on UX research we conducted along with a third-party UX research firm. The research included 26 participants across the U.S. who interacted with a Figma prototype and a live demo website which represented a non-regulated industry. All participants used an iPhone or Android mobile device and two participants used a screen reader. Through this research, we identified the three most successful places to prompt users to create a passkey. So, let’s get started!

Download the guidelines - PDF View UX Guidelines - HTML Read the Press Release

Webinar Series: Passkeys and UX

The FIDO Alliance’s new UX Guidelines for Passkey Creation and Sign-ins aim to accelerate planning for passkeys integration and execution to achieve a better, more consistent user experience when signing in. The FIDO Alliance is hosting a three-part webinar series to learn the findings and best practices developed through intensive UX research, and get actionable tools to accelerate and optimize your deployment of passkeys for consumer sign-ins.

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FIDO Security Key UX Guidelines

The FIDO Security Key UX Guidelines are a set of best practices to help online service providers design a better, more consistent user experience for the consumer security key audience and ultimately maximize adoption. The document provides UX guidelines for all major steps of a consumer’s journey with FIDO security keys: awareness; consideration; enrollment; management; and authentication.

Download the guidelines - PDF FIDO Security Key UX Guidelines - HTML Read the Press Release Video: 7 Takeaways - FIDO Security Key UX Guidelines

Desktop Authenticator UX Guidelines

The FIDO Desktop Authenticator UX Guidelines are a set of best practices to help service providers encourage their customers to log in with FIDO-based platform authenticators in desktop environments. These guidelines aim to accelerate decision-making during FIDO implementation and specify what information and controls should be given to users through their journey, from FIDO awareness to registration and subsequent logins.

Download the guidelines - PDF View UX Guidelines - HTML Read the Press Release Blog

Developed with Industry Collaboration

The FIDO Alliance’s UX Guidelines are deliverables from the FIDO Alliance UX Task Force, which has included participation from the following member companies: Bank of America, eBay, Feitian, Google, IBM, Idemia, Intuit, JP Morgan Chase Bank, Meta, Microsoft, NIST, OneSpan North America, Onfido, Trusona, Trustkey, Visa, VMware, and Yubico.


Link: https://fidoalliance.org/ux-guidelines/

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