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Afghanistan come Libia: abbandonarli al loro destino, nonostante le promesse

#Afghanistan The history talked by her and NATO failed the answers.

Un popolo scompare. Ma l'Europa potrebbe fare un gesto straordinario: creare uno stato afghano virtuale e temporaneo per gli Afghani  all'interno dell'Europa. Non e' fantapolitica. Sarebbe un risarcimento per quanto fin qui omesso.

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La Nato per mano di Trump, non fermata da Biden, ha abbandonato l'Afghanistan.

Nella domanda di Sadid Lailuma c'e' tutto l'urlo della storia per una politica che uccide le persone voltandosi e pagando delinquenti per schiavizzare popoli. Hitler era un apprendista a confronto.

Lo ripeto: diamo soldi ai campi di concentramento libico e facciamo morire un popolo di 20 milioni di persone, e quelle in Europa aspettano una tutela che non viene loro data.

L'Europa potra' rinascere non con i vaccini: questo e' un suo dovere.

L'Europa potra' rinascere aiutando gli ultimi del mondo: perche' sara' onorevole farlo. Subito.

Gli USA e gli Europei hanno fallito in "pacta sunt servanda". C'e' poco altro da dire.

#Afghanistan The history talked by her and NATO failed the answers:


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Ms Sadid was invited to ask the NATO chief a query however was awash with emotion. 

She stated: “I wish to ask, particularly about NATO in Afghanistan.

“NATO is just not solely US, do not you assume that the choice that you simply and NATO took was fallacious.

“How do you reply to that and what number of extra failed insurance policies shall be adopted earlier than a workable one shall be carried out?

“As a result of once we noticed this example, as an Afghan lady, like a traditional Afghan citizen, you see the scenario is de facto powerful.

“And there are literally thousands of girls who actually do not know for the long run, what’s going on and what ought to have knowledgeable them and they’re all the time asking what does it imply?

“20 years with NATO and the worldwide communities inside Afghanistan after which we’re going again once more 20 years.

“I wish to ask how is that potential?”

Ms Sadid continued on regardless of turning into very emotional and tried to combat again tears.

The journalist added the EU and US have been on the “high of civilisation” who traditionally had defeated fascism and Nazism through the Second World Struggle.

However now, Ms Sadid stated regardless of the ability and intelligence of the nations concerned in Afghanistan, they have been nonetheless unable to combat again the Taliban.

She acknowledged: “As a girl, please do not recognise the emirate Islamic Taliban with none situation just like the settlement which is signed between Taliban and the federal government of Trump after which his following.

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