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"Il grado di liberta' di un uomo si misura dall'intensita' dei suoi sogni" - Alda Merini

Asia bibi

Asia Bibi is free on a plane (but still in Pakistan)

[Finally] No: we still have to pray
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Asia Bibi iand her family are free, on a plane.

Her lawyer tels to AFP that spoke to the womand when she was in a plane. When I'm writing, she's flying somewhere.

It's 5 years I'm praying for her, for her family, judges, friends, lawyers, who works in the jail and muslims in Pakistan. Not every day, some times daily, sometimes not.

My frequency depended by Mary. Before something were happening , in my memory Asia came up and I renewed my prays for here. It happened so many times I can't silence about that. I prayed for her, but Mary asked me more prays when needed. And soon I've read on newspapers and social about new hopes for Asia.

It was surprising for me. To pray and see results. In the "real" world.

When Supreme Court decided the realese, I woke up early in ther morning, as today. I couldn't sleep.

From the announce until today I tracked how people wrote or acted about the issue: all reacions got up from a deep surprise for everybody, even for me.

In the deep of my heart I was sure that all these protests were dark desperation from people that can't see the light, the beuaty of a woman and a family beloved in the world because she didn't anything to go in jail and, when in jail, she did not do or talk anything against none.

A judge, in the early years, asked her in jail to change her faith. She refused. He condemned her. She prayed.

For me Asia is like a far relative you discover near you every day. I can feel her joy, her deep serenity, her thanks for God and our prays. It's so strange to describe this, here, in this website devoted to italian laws.

We all should care about how we apply laws. It makes the difference. Everyone should do its own work at his best thinking at the others, not only thinking about how laws are great for a society.

Asia is free. Peace for her and for her family, their friends and everybody near what happened.

Asia, let met tell you: you're welcome. Happy new life, I already imagine your eyes and emotionz in the next Christmas day.

I want to thank for the teaching you gave me. Everybody with faith can stand in front of the laws bad applied. In your case, as many similar to your case, the family helped to talk about the abuse. Avvenire and many newspapers helped you.

Social networks, newspapers: we can use them better. This time happened. The world now knows that if everybody does its duties, we can oppose how doesn't.

Respectfully, even if it costs everything. Saint Francis and Jesus asks us to be in poverty. Now we can see how poverty can shock and surprise, it's not a limit if we stay togheter.

Thanks God, thanks Mary. Welcome, Asia's family and friends.

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