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The Legal Services Act

Il diritto come barattolo di fagioli. In Uk. Per legge.
16.05.2014 - pag. 89891 print in pdf print on web


Acquistare il diritto come un barattolo di fagioli. In Uk. Per legge. Il rapporto sull'applicazione della legge. e' stato registrato nel 1999. In Italia.

Notevole, vero ?

On May 5, 2014, Stanford's Center on the Legal Profession hosted the discussion "Keep Calm and Carry On?: Disruption in the UK Legal Market and What It Could Mean for the US" with Riverview Law CEO and Co-Founder Karl Chapman and Vice-President Andy Daws.

Chapman and Daws discussed the successes and challenges of the Legal Services Act, innovators changing the UK legal market, and implications for the US regulation of the profession and legal market with Orrick's Chair Emeritus Ralph Baxter and CLP fellows Stephanie Kimbro and Ron Dolin.

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