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"L'Italia ripudia la guerra come strumento di offesa alla libertà degli altri popoli e come mezzo di risoluzione delle controversie internazionali" - art. 11 Costituzione Italiana


To be entrepreneur: are you a problem solver ?

Who is an entrepreneur ?
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You can study to become an entrepreneur or yoy can start changing the world near you. This is the difference.

Many fellows consultants can remind you need a market, that is a huge starting point when you talk about luck in entrepreneurship.

But there is more. In the early behinning of thevideo the key factors of being a successful human being.

It's not only about money.

It's about networking and a listener of needs.

In the video, we all need to listen to her.

Happy new year !

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Sumaya Kazi

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Entrepreneur - Indice:
1. L'impresa europea
2. Pretotyping



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