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My Co-Worker is a Robot -- The [Coming] Age of Legal Informatics

Alexander K. Hudek and Noah Waisberg present
24.07.2012 - pag. 81878 print in pdf print on web


Monica Goyal is an exception source of infos online. Her twitter account is to follow @monicangoyal .

#lawtechcamplondon was absolutly interesting, even for italian lawyers. Yes, I know, the language is a gap for italians.

But take care about what happened. Gloxa let you follow what happened.



Monica Goyal

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Lawyers - Indice:
1. Can anyone become a developer ? Even lawyers ? Sure, but ...
2. The Legal Services Act
3. Tech Lawyers
4. L'accesso alla giustizia in Inghilterra (english)
5. How to Write LOIs and Term Sheets: An Executive's Guide to Drafting Clear Legal Documents Before Bringing in the Lawyers
6. Gloxa as a powerful tool for lawyers
7. Sempre piu' Avvocati e Ordini sull'Internet 2.0. Negli Usa.
8. L'accesso alla giustizia in Europa nei rapporti transnazionali: opportunità per internet e per gli avvocati
9. U.S.: video production for lawyers.
10. La pubblicità degli avvocati negli Usa su Youtube: Top lawyers in Reno

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