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Energie rinnovabili al 20% entro il 2020. E l'Italia ?

Chiediamoci cosa stiamo facendo. Il Ponte o le rinnovabili ?
26.11.2009 - pag. 70303 print in pdf print on web


From Eutube:

"Raising the share of renewable energy from 8.5% to 20% in the overall energy consumption is a necessary contribution to the global fight against climate change and towards better control over our energy dependence.

"The various uses of renewable energy are examined: electricity through wind and hydraulic energies; electricity or heat through geothermal and solar energies; electricity, heat, and biofuel coming from biomass.

"The EU is a world leader in the use and deployment of technologies that exploit renewable energy sources, providing over 350.000 jobs and an annual turn-over of € 30 billion.


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