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"Fai solo una volta ciò che gli altri pensano che tu non possa fare, e non dovrai mai più curarti delle loro limitazioni" - James Cook

Legal marketing

Young attorneys and the opportunities of the web 2.0

Can you believe that customers can be part of our networks ?
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In Italy attorneys find new opportunities building legal knowledge and human knowledge.

In these terms we can say all the world offer the same opportunities.

For italians there's a vision not too far from ours, simply it's differently structured: networking.

If it's easy for youngs to find friends and share costs, location, secretaries and so on, we sometimes think at customers as the key to create passaparola, that is "I've found this guy a great attorney, why don't you go to him ?"

Kara Smith, founder of, is a legal marketer. 

She talks about customers as part of our networking, that is not what we call "satisfaction", it is a different way to build relationship with your customers,  more complete experience.

We can listen Kara Smith in our pod, with a quick touch of the new opportunities of Facebook for youngs.

Thank you Kara, again. This experience in talking (and writing) in english is really strange, even for our readers, but I agree: we are interesting an important part of them.

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