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I link a disposizione dei "civiliani" per approfondire alla fonte. Vuoi collaborare ?

intelligenza artificiale caffe20 2024-01-13 ChatGPT può essere usato per scopi militari
estimated reading time: 4 min Il chatbot Claude AI di Anthropic è ufficialmente disponibile solo in USA e uk, ma con questo metodo risulta accessibile anche dall'Italia.Digita
intelligenza artificiale 2023-11-06 Prompting Isn't The Most Important Skill
estimated reading time: 6 min Anant Agarwal, an MIT professor and of the founders of the EdX educational platform, recently created a stir by saying that prompt engineering was the most important skill you c
intelligenza artificiale regolamentazione 2023-11-05 Intelligenza artificiale: in una settimana regole per tutti!
estimated reading time: 5 min # The Sunday Prompt #22 - 5/12/2023Tempo di lettura: 13 min utiExecutive order, Codice di condotta di Hiroshima e Dichiarazione di Bletchley: un compendio per capire cosa è suc
privacy caffe20 privacynews smartcar 2023-10-27 Spie su ruote: come le case automobilistiche raccolgono e poi rivendono informazioni
estimated reading time: 9 min Facebook LinkedIn WhatsApp Email Allerta Pericoli Informatici sui Social : APP 1 : Allerta Pericoli Informatici Google Play Apple Store APP 2 : AiutamiSi ( tanti ser
chatcontrol caffe20 2023-10-18 EU Commission's microtargeting to promote law on child abuse under scrutiny
estimated reading time: 4 min The European Commission’s use of microtargeting techniques to promote its controversial law to prevent the dissemination of child sexual abuse material is under investigation
chatcontrol caffe20 privacynews 2023-10-15 Undermining Democracy: The European Commission's Controversial Push for Digital Surveillance – Danny Mekić
estimated reading time: 11 min Biography Quotes Nederlands Menu Danny Mekić. Speaker Chairman Entrepreneur NewTeam StrategyCooker HackathonFactory Innovation Company Innovations Au
chatcontrol caffe20 privacynews 2023-10-15 Setting the record straight
estimated reading time: 5 min On the 25th of October I will be having an exchange of views with the LIBE committee on my proposal to prevent and fight child sexual abuse. The next day the LIBE committee will
china minori cina regolamentazione privacydb 2023-09-13 Children In China Can Only Use Smartphone For 2 Hours A Day: Beijing To Limit Internet Addiction
estimated reading time: 2 min Internationaloi-PTIBy PTI| Published: Thursday, August 3, 2023, 12:39 [IST]China's internet watchdog has laid out regulations to curb the amount of time children spend on their
dsa caffe20 2023-08-25 New EU Rules for Digital Services: Why Germany Needs Strong Platform Oversight Structures
estimated reading time: 77 min PublikationenAuthor: Dr. Julian JaurschTopics: Strengthening the Digital Public Sphere and Platform RegulationPublished on: May 17th, 2022German version:  Neue EU-Regeln f
music copyright internet archive recordings caffe20 2023-08-12 Music labels sue Internet Archive over digitized record collection
estimated reading time: 1 min CompaniesSony Group CorpSony Music Entertainment Germany GmbHUniversal Music Group NVAug 11 (Reuters) - Universal Music Group (UMG.AS), Sony Music Entertainment (6758.T) and oth
google sorveglianza traffico chatcontrol caffe20 2023-07-23 Web Environment Integrity API Proposal
estimated reading time: 13 min saurik 1 day ago | next [–] tentacleuno 1 day ago | parent | next [–] spystath 1 day ago | root | parent | next [–] Fatnino 1 day ago | root | pa
sciopero intelligenza artificiale caffe20 2023-07-15 As Writers & Actors Fight For AI Protections, Artificial Intelligence Screenplay Competition Opens & Quickly Closes
estimated reading time: 4 min SWNS "We have a 40 year age gap but my girlfriend isn't a gold digger - we're mad about each other" A man who fell in love with a woman 40 years his junior says she's not a "gol
videosorveglianza intelligenza artificiale chatgpt 2023-06-17 Guerre di Rete AI Act, l'Europarlamento tiene
estimated reading time: 14 min Cosa prevede l'attuale formulazione della legge. Poi sorveglianza, TikTok e altro. Screenshot della conferenza stampa all’Europarlamento del 14 giugno 2023 Guerre di Ret
intelligenza artificiale chatgpt 2023-06-17 Guerre di Rete AI Act, l'Europarlamento tiene
estimated reading time: 14 min Cosa prevede l'attuale formulazione della legge. Poi sorveglianza, TikTok e altro. Screenshot della conferenza stampa all’Europarlamento del 14 giugno 2023 Guerre di Rete
sorveglianza algoritmi intelligenza artificiale caffe20 privacynews immobili tributi 2023-06-03 Data mining, big data, machine learning nei tributi e negli immobili
estimated reading time: 56 min DATA MINING E MACHINE LEARNING : LA NUOVA FRONTIERA DEI BIG DATA NEL SETTORE IMMOBILIARE Maurizio Festa * Capo Ufficio Statistiche e studi sul mercato immobiliare
caffe20 autoregolamentazione 2023-06-01 AI 'godfather' Yoshua Bengio feels 'lost' over life's work BBC News
estimated reading time: 4 min [embedded content]This video can not be playedTo play this video you need to enable JavaScript in your browser.By Zoe KleinmanTechnology editorOne of the so-called "godfathers"
intelligenza artificiale caffe20 avvocati chatgpt 2023-05-29 US lawyer admits using ChatGPT for case research BBC News
estimated reading time: 2 min By Kathryn Armstrong BBC News 27 May 2023 Image source, ReutersImage caption, ChatGPT can answer questions using natural, human-like language and mimic other writing styles A
facebook instagram meta copyright antitrust siae caffe20 agcm 2023-05-23 Imposta a Meta la ripresa delle trattative con Siae. Di nuovo disponibili per gli utenti i contenuti musicali su Facebook e Instagram
estimated reading time: 1 min L’Autorità adotta misure cautelari per un presunto abuso di dipendenza economica da parte del gruppo di Mark Zuckerberg, che dovrà anche fornire tutte le informazioni necess
bias sorveglianza intelligenza artificiale caffe20 2023-05-07 L'Intelligenza Artificiale è la "nuova elettricità", ma accelera molto di più.
estimated reading time: 7 min AI Spesso l'Intelligenza Artificiale viene identificata come la "nuova elettricità". Tuttavia, ci sono elementi che la rendono molto diversa. Che futuro ci aspetta con l'AI int
sorveglianza caffe20 sequestro domini 2023-04-23 Red Alert: ICANN and Verisign Proposal Would Allow Any Government In The World To Seize Domain Names
estimated reading time: 16 min ICANN, the organization that regulates global domain name policy, and Verisign, the abusive monopolist that operates the .COM and .NET top-level domains, have quietly proposed
caffe20 cybernews assicurativonews 2023-04-18 Poste: circa 50 milioni di euro di frodi sventate nel 2022 Poste
estimated reading time: 2 min Oltre un milione di segnalazioni gestite e tentativi di frode sventati per circa 50 milioni di euro solo nel 2022. Sono i numeri di Poste Italiane che ha inaugurato a Roma il su
chatbots conversazionale intelligenza artificiale caffe20 privacynews chatgpt 2023-04-12 China launches draft regulation for AI generated content to nurture industry, ensure fair competition amid ChatGPT frenzy
estimated reading time: 3 min China's cyberspace authority issued a content regulation draft for artificial intelligence (AI) on Tuesday, voicing clear support for innovation, promotion and application in AI
wordpress wordfence intelligenza artificiale caffe20 privacynews linee guida 2023-04-09 Friday Long Read: What To Do About AI
estimated reading time: 18 min Mark MaunderApril 7, 2023This is a Friday long-read, so grab a warm cup of something and kick back because we’re going to take our time on this. The world is about to profoun
nfc reviews cie caffe20 spid 2023-04-01 CieID Apps on Google Play
estimated reading time: 3 min About this app With the CieID app you can access the online services of the Public Administration and private individuals adhering to "Enter with CIE".Activate your CIE credenti
software gpl licenze caffe20 2023-03-30 What'll We Do When FOSS Licenses Jump the Shark?
estimated reading time: 8 min What'll We Do When FOSS Licenses Jump the Shark?Bradley M. KuhnEverything Open 2023Wednesday 15 March 2023Slides online:
bias intelligenza artificiale caffe20 algoretica 2023-03-28 Decolonising Artificial Intelligence
estimated reading time: 7 min · Read in 6mins · 1297 words · The Artificial Intelligence we believe to be global, is far from it. It is localised. Contained. Within restricted geographies and people. As
grecia sorveglianza caffe20 trojan di stato 2023-03-26 Start Up No.1966: Greek spyware targets Meta exec, Twitter loses your place, rethinking the climate crisis, space juice!, and more
estimated reading time: 17 min The trouble with modern golfers is they can hit the ball too far – so the game’s rulemaking body may make them fly less well. CC-licensed photo by Shazwan on Flickr. You c
inquinamento 2023-03-17 'Forever pollution': Explore the map of Europe's PFAS contamination
estimated reading time: 13 min The Forever Pollution Map was created by Le Monde and its 17 partners from the cross-borderinvestigation, the Forever Pollution Project. It is the first map to show the extent
caffe20 2023-03-17 The Forever Pollution Project – Journalists tracking PFAS across Europe
estimated reading time: 9 min More than 17 000 sites all over Europe are contaminated by the “forever chemicals” PFAS, an exclusive, months-long investigation from 18 European newsrooms shows. The invest

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