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Milano, sab 2 dicembre 2023:, Social media non vi temo - Ascolti tra Marketing e AI

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artificial intelligence gafam intelligenza artificiale caffe20 regolamentazione chatgpt fake perception 2023-11-18 Big Tech is inflating fears about AI's risk to humanity: Google Brain cofounder
estimated reading time: 2 min Steve Jennings / Stringer/Getty ImagesBig Tech is lying about some AI risks to shut down competition, a Google Brain cofounder has said. Andrew Ng told The Australian Financial
caffe20 chatgpt altmab 2023-11-18 Sam Altman fired as CEO of OpenAI
estimated reading time: 3 min Tech/ Artificial Intelligence/ Breaking / In a sudden move, Altman is leaving after the company’s board determined that he ‘was not consistently candid in his communica
linux ux 2023-10-25 Programma Linux Day Milano
estimated reading time: 2 min organizzato da unixMiB sabato 28 ottobre 2023Ore 9:00 Università Milano Bicocca Edificio U6, primo piano Opening KeynoteLorenzo Olearo - unixMiB, Luca Biscaldi - Politecnico Op
windows software licenze caffe20 bonissi preinstallate 2023-10-25 Windows and office “tax” refund SFSCON
estimated reading time: 1 min Some manufacturers try to force to use the preinstalled software on the PC you acquire, sometimes also claiming that alternative software will not work properly.On 2018 Luca pur
windows software office word caffe20 rimborso preinstallati bonissi 2023-10-25 FOSDEM 2023 Windows and office
estimated reading time: 1 min FOSDEM 2023 - Windows and office "tax" refund Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023 schedule FOSDEM 2023 / Schedule / Events / Developer rooms / Lega
chatcontrol caffe20 privacynews 2023-10-15 Undermining Democracy: The European Commission's Controversial Push for Digital Surveillance – Danny Mekić
estimated reading time: 11 min Biography Quotes Nederlands Menu Danny Mekić. Speaker Chairman Entrepreneur NewTeam StrategyCooker HackathonFactory Innovation Company Innovations Au
sorveglianza caffe20 aiact 2023-08-28 CDT Europe Calls on EU Leaders to Prohibit Mass Surveillance through Indiscriminate and Arbitrary Uses of Biometric Technologies in the EU’s AI Act
estimated reading time: 4 min In this blog post, CDT recalls what biometric surveillance entails, why mass surveillance uses of biometric technologies need to be prohibited, and also how non-mass surveillanc
dsa caffe20 2023-08-25 What is the New EU Digital Services Act and What Does it Mean for You?
estimated reading time: 8 min Introduced in December 2020 by the European Commission, the EU Digital Services Act (DSA) is a new European law that seeks to establish broad legal rules for digital services op
dsa caffe20 2023-08-25 New EU Rules for Digital Services: Why Germany Needs Strong Platform Oversight Structures
estimated reading time: 77 min PublikationenAuthor: Dr. Julian JaurschTopics: Strengthening the Digital Public Sphere and Platform RegulationPublished on: May 17th, 2022German version:  Neue EU-Regeln f
copyright ricette cucina intelligenza artificiale caffe20 lexai 2023-08-19 Fully AI Made Art Can't Be Copyrighted, Rules US Judge
estimated reading time: 2 min Image: Jason Mendez/Getty Images (Getty Images) For those in the entertainment industry (and creative fields more generally), AI has been an extremely divisive topic. As v
sorveglianza riconoscimento facciale intelligenza artificiale caffe20 indagini privacynews 2023-08-12 Eight Months Pregnant and Arrested After False Facial Recognition Match
estimated reading time: 7 min Porcha Woodruff thought the police who showed up at her door to arrest her for carjacking were joking. She is the first woman known to be wrongfully accused as a result of facia
disney intelligenza artificiale caffe20 privacynews 2023-08-10 Disney creates task force to explore AI and cut costs: Sources
estimated reading time: 4 min Walt Disney has created a task force to study artificial intelligence and how it can be applied across the entertainment conglomerate, even as Hollywood writers and actors batt
free sorveglianza caffe20 appello privacydb 2023-07-19 Tell the Department of Homeland Security: Stop Collecting DNA and other Biometrics
estimated reading time: 2 min Update (10/16/20): The comment window is now closed. EFF will be posting our response to the DHS in the days to come. Thank you to everyone who made your voice heard against thi
intelligenza artificiale caffe20 2023-07-11 Chaining the chatbots: Spain closes in on AI Act
estimated reading time: 5 min AI, caramba!Spain’s stint chairing EU Council meetings comes at an opportune time for its AI policy leaders: After the European Parliament adopted its position on the AI Act l
intelligenza artificiale caffe20 chatgpt 2023-06-20 Exclusive: OpenAI Lobbied E.U. to Water Down AI Regulation
estimated reading time: 8 min The CEO of OpenAI, Sam Altman, has spent the last month touring world capitals where, at talks to sold-out crowds and in meetings with heads of governments, h
algoritmi privacynews 2023-06-15 The algorithm that blew up Italy’s school system  AlgorithmWatch
estimated reading time: 4 min Italy has a problem with teachers. The number of teachers on short-term contracts across pre-school and high-school education has doubled in six years. Of a total of 907,929 tea
riconoscimento facciale intelligenza artificiale caffe20 privacynews 2023-06-14 MEPs ready to negotiate first ever rules for safe and transparent AI | News | European Parliament
estimated reading time: 4 min The rules aim to promote the uptake of human-centric and trustworthy AI and protect the health, safety, fundamental rights and democracy from its harmful effects.On Wednesday, t
sorveglianza algoritmi ade intelligenza artificiale caffe20 privacynews 2023-06-03 La Governance dei dati personali in AdE nuova struttura
estimated reading time: 12 min - 1 - Divisione Risorse Modifiche all’organizzazione della Direzione Centra le Audit e della Direzione Centrale Servizi Istituzionali e di Riscossione IL DIRETT
privacy whitehouse intelligenza artificiale caffe20 2023-05-29 Katharina Koerner on LinkedIn: US National AI R&D Plan 2023
estimated reading time: 1 min Katharina KoernerPrincipal Researcher - Technology @IAPP • AI Privacy Risk, Privacy Tech, Security, Responsible ML/AI, PETs, AI Governance • Community advocate • Bridging
caffe20 motori di ricerca chatgpt 2023-05-15 Presearch AI
estimated reading time: 8 min With all of the buzz about ChatGPT and artificial intelligence (AI) impacting Big Tech search engines like Google, we’ve been asked by community members how Presearch intends
software open source europe cra liabilities caffe20 2023-05-08 Why the European Commission must consult the Open Source communities Voices of Open Source
estimated reading time: 2 min A crucial problem with the Impact Assessment of the Cyber Resilience Act (CRA) is that no Open Source communities or community fiduciaries were consulted as stakeholders. The la
sorveglianza caffe20 sequestro domini 2023-04-23 Red Alert: ICANN and Verisign Proposal Would Allow Any Government In The World To Seize Domain Names
estimated reading time: 16 min ICANN, the organization that regulates global domain name policy, and Verisign, the abusive monopolist that operates the .COM and .NET top-level domains, have quietly proposed
grecia sorveglianza caffe20 trojan di stato 2023-03-26 Start Up No.1966: Greek spyware targets Meta exec, Twitter loses your place, rethinking the climate crisis, space juice!, and more
estimated reading time: 17 min The trouble with modern golfers is they can hit the ball too far – so the game’s rulemaking body may make them fly less well. CC-licensed photo by Shazwan on Flickr. You c
microsoft etica caffe20 licenziamenti algoretica chatgpt 2023-03-18 Guerre di Rete Ciao GPT 4, arrivederci team sull'etica AI
estimated reading time: 13 min Trasparenza ed etica dell'AI. Il piano della Cina per il digitale. Guerre di Rete - una newsletter di notizie cyber a cura di Carola Frediani N.155 - 18 marzo 2023 Specie
intelligenza artificiale caffe20 algoretica 2023-03-15 Microsoft just laid off one of its responsible AI teams
estimated reading time: 12 min (Ashkan Forouzani / Unsplash)I.Microsoft laid off its entire ethics and society team within the artificial intelligence organization as part of recent layoffs that affected
cloud dizionario multicloud caffe20 2023-03-01 Confermati i vantaggi dell’approccio multicloud. Il parere di Aruba
estimated reading time: 4 min Per Massimo Bandinelli, Marketing Manager di Aruba Enterprise, l’approccio multicloud è vantaggioso: costi ottimizzati, agilità di lavoro, libertà di scelta. Il merca
signal uk sorveglianza chatcontrol caffe20 privacynews 2023-03-01 Signal CEO: We “1,000% won’t participate” in UK law to weaken encryption
estimated reading time: 5 min Enlarge / Signal app on a phone. Getty Images The nonprofit responsible for the Signal messenger app is prepared to exit the UK if the country requires providers of encrypted co
cloud software nextcloud caffe20 privacynews 2023-02-24 EDPS to pilot the use of Open Source Software
estimated reading time: 2 min Press Release EDPS to pilot the use of Open Source Software In February 2023, the EDPS has started piloting the use of the Open Source Software Nextcloud and Librefake news elezioni israele sorveglianza caffe20 privacynews democrazia digitale algoretica 2023-02-15 Disinformazione ed elezioni: screditare il candidato ai familiari, entrando in gmail e telegram.
estimated reading time: 8 min The undercover footage was filmed by three reporters, who approached Team Jorge posing as prospective clients.In more than six hours of secretly recorded meetings, Hanan and his

"Anche un'auto ha i documenti, noi no. Facciamo sacrifici per lavorare, il lavoro che gli italiani non vogliono piu' fare. Ma ci pagano troppo poco" - migrante in baraccopoli

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