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ecommerce eff eidas sorveglianza caffe20 cybernews 2023-01-10 A Year in Internet Surveillance and Resilience: 2022 in Review
estimated reading time: 5 min This year, we have seen an array of different ways governments around the world have tried to alter basic security on the web for users. Much of this was attempted through legis
cybersecurity 2fa password manager caffe20 privacynews cybernews 2022-12-26 LastPass finally admits: Those crooks who got in? They did steal your password vaults, after all…
estimated reading time: 10 min by Popular password management company LastPass has been under the pump this year, following a network intrusion back in August 2022. Details of how the attackers first got in
dns ip address pirateria cloudflare caffe20 blocco 2022-07-19 Il DNS pubblico di Cloudflare rispetti i filtri antipirateria
estimated reading time: 2 min L'IFPI ha ottenuto dal Tribunale di Milano un provvedimento contro i DNS pubblici di Cloudflare che consentono di aggirare i filtri antipirateria AGCOM.Digital economyL'IFPI ha

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