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I link a disposizione dei "civiliani" per approfondire alla fonte. Vuoi collaborare ?

intelligenza artificiale caffe20 @benanti algoretica chatgpt 2023-01-27 Addomesticare l'algoritmo per non finire addomesticati
estimated reading time: 13 min Intelligenza artificiale 17 Gennaio Gen 2023 0730 17 gennaio 2023Paolo Benanti, francescano, teologo, grande teorico dell'algoretica, ossia dell'etica applicata all'universo di
europe nato ucraina 2023-01-11 Joint Declaration on EU NATO Cooperation, 10 January 2023
estimated reading time: 3 min Úsáidimid fianáin lena chinntiú go mbíonn an t-eispéireas brabhsála is fearr is féidir agat ar shuíomh gréasáin na Comhairle. Úsáidtear fianáin áirithe chun staid
linux blockchain open source foundation ux wallet gafam did pagamenti caffe20 democrazia digitale firma digitale documenti elettronici 2023-01-11 Linux foundation Announces an Intent to Form the OpenWallet foundation
estimated reading time: 9 min A Consortium of Companies and Non Profit Organizations Collaborating to Create an Open Source Software Stack to Advance a Plurality of Interoperable Wallets DUBLIN—September 1
software open source europe caffe20 regolamentazione privacynews cybernews 2022-12-28 Open source software vs. the proposed Cyber Resilience Act
estimated reading time: 14 min By Maarten AertsenNLnet Labs is closely following a legislative proposal by the European Commission affecting almost all hardware and software on the European market. The Cyber
guide caffe20 media freedom act 2022-11-29 The pitfalls of the EU’s media freedom law, as reviewed by an expert
estimated reading time: 3 min Economic sustainability, lack of ‘teeth’ and underdevelopment of the geopolitical implications are the most significant points for improvement highlighted in a soon-to-be-pu

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