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did cie caffe20 spid iopago it wallet 2024-01-29 IT Wallet: a che punto è l’identità digitale italiana e cosa aspettarci Agenda Digitale
estimated reading time: 4 min Un periodo intenso di aggiornamenti e ripianificazioni per l’identità digitale italiana: a quasi un anno dai primi annunci di rimodulazione di SPID (risalenti a dicembre 2022
did caffe20 iopago it wallet 2024-01-29 IT Wallet o EUDI Wallet? Cosa succede con le identità digitali in Italia | Intesa, a Kyndryl Company
estimated reading time: 8 min Normativa 27.06.2023 | Tempo di lettura: 10 min IT Wallet o EUDI Wallet? Cosa succede con le identità digitali in Italia Facciamo chiarezza sulle ultime notizie con Giu
eidas chatcontrol caffe20 2023-11-03 EU digital identity framework (eIDAS) another kind of chat control? Blog | Mullvad VPN
estimated reading time: 1 min The proposed EU digital identity framework (eIDAS) aims to meddle with the process around internet certificates and will undermine the independenc
ssl free eidas chatcontrol caffe20 privacydb 2023-11-03 Last Chance to fix eIDAS
estimated reading time: 4 min 2nd November 2023After years of legislative process, the near-final text of the eIDAS regulation has been agreed by trialogue negotiators1 representing EU’s key bodies and wil
blockchain wallet caffe20 spid pagopa iopago 2023-08-10 SPID per due anni: IT Wallet in arrivo con iopago
estimated reading time: 2 min Rinnovate per due anni le convenzioni con i provider di SPID; la volontà manifestata è quella di mettere un piede nell'era di IT Wallet.Digital economyRinnovate per due anni l
blockchain europa english wallet did banche eid euro digitale privacydb identita digitale 2023-07-06 digital identity Standards
estimated reading time: < 1 min DownloadPDF document, 2.26 MB This report gives an overview of the most important standards and standardisation organisations in this area. This information is useful for
europa confini schengen sorveglianza digital identity eid 2023-06-06 Schengen states extend border checks, ignoring EU court
estimated reading time: 6 min According to the Schengen Agreement, people and goods may freely cross the borders of the 26 signatory countries without any checks or requirements. Internal border controls wit
nfc reviews cie caffe20 spid 2023-04-01 CieID Apps on Google Play
estimated reading time: 3 min About this app With the CieID app you can access the online services of the Public Administration and private individuals adhering to "Enter with CIE".Activate your CIE credenti
blockchain eidas did eid caffe20 spid 2023-03-02 EIDAS digital identity assurance levels clearly and easily explained – Quinta’s weblog
estimated reading time: 1 min wallets with “high” level of assurance are based on very sophisticated hardware and software…. but credentials are issued with an (effectively) unauditable process, involv
blockchain did euro digitale assicurativonews 2023-02-06 Insurance Europe response to targeted open finance consultation
estimated reading time: 70 min Response to EC targeted consultation on open finance framework and data sharing in the financial sector Our reference: COB -TECH -22 -081 Date: 5 July
linux blockchain open source foundation ux wallet gafam did pagamenti caffe20 democrazia digitale firma digitale documenti elettronici 2023-01-11 Linux Foundation Announces an Intent to Form the OpenWallet Foundation
estimated reading time: 9 min A Consortium of Companies and Non Profit Organizations Collaborating to Create an Open Source Software Stack to Advance a Plurality of Interoperable Wallets DUBLIN—September 1
ecommerce eff eidas sorveglianza caffe20 cybernews 2023-01-10 A Year in Internet Surveillance and Resilience: 2022 in Review
estimated reading time: 5 min This year, we have seen an array of different ways governments around the world have tried to alter basic security on the web for users. Much of this was attempted through legis
ssl browser crittografia eidas sicurezza caffe20 certificati cybernews 2022-12-24 EIDAS 2.0 Sets a Dangerous Precedent for Web Security
estimated reading time: 3 min The Council of the European Union this week adopted new language for regulations governing internet systems that may put the security of your browser at greater risk. The new la
did caffe20 spid identità digitale accessi assocertificatori firma elettronica 2022-12-24 Spid, AssoCertificatori: "Rischii con nuove regole Ue""
estimated reading time: 3 min Il nuovo regolamento eIDAS mette a rischio il futuro di Spid. A lanciare l’allarme AssoCertificatori, l’associazione che riunisce i principali prestatori di servizi fiduciar

"La vostra preoccupazione non sia il consenso elettorale né il successo personale, ma coinvolgere le persone, generare imprenditorialità, far fiorire sogni, far sentire la bellezza di appartenere a una comunità" -

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