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Milano, sab 2 dicembre 2023:, Social media non vi temo - Ascolti tra Marketing e AI

I link a disposizione dei "civiliani" per approfondire alla fonte. Vuoi collaborare ?

artificial intelligence gafam intelligenza artificiale caffe20 regolamentazione chatgpt fake perception 2023-11-18 Big Tech is inflating fears about AI's risk to humanity: Google Brain cofounder
estimated reading time: 2 min Steve Jennings / Stringer/Getty ImagesBig Tech is lying about some AI risks to shut down competition, a Google Brain cofounder has said. Andrew Ng told The Australian Financial
caffe20 chatgpt altmab 2023-11-18 Sam Altman fired as CEO of OpenAI
estimated reading time: 3 min Tech/ Artificial Intelligence/ Breaking / In a sudden move, Altman is leaving after the company’s board determined that he ‘was not consistently canintelligenza artificiale 2023-11-06 Prompting Isn't The Most Important Skill
estimated reading time: 6 min Anant Agarwal, an MIT professor and of the founders of the EdX educational platform, recently created a stir by saying that prompt engineering was the most important skill you c
privacy mozilla foundation caffe20 caffe29 smartcar assicurativonews privacydb smartcart 2023-10-27 *Privacy Not Included: A Buyer’s Guide for Connected Products
estimated reading time: 13 min By Jen Caltrider, Misha Rykov and Zoë MacDonald | Sept. 6, 2023Update: *We're hosting a Reddit AMA on Sept. 21!*Ah, the wind in your hair, the open road ahead, and not a care
algoritmi caffe20 consegne 2023-10-21 Il Tribunale di Milano: contributi ai rider per Deliveroo e Uber
estimated reading time: < 1 min Un rider al lavoro a Milano - Da archivio Avvenire Due società del food delivery, già al centro con altre due nel 2021 di un'indagine pilota della Procura di Milano sull
chatcontrol caffe20 2023-10-18 EU Commission's microtargeting to promote law on child abuse under scrutiny
estimated reading time: 4 min The European Commission’s use of microtargeting techniques to promote its controversial law to prevent the dissemination of child sexual abuse material is under investigation
chatcontrol caffe20 privacynews 2023-10-15 Undermining Democracy: The European Commission's Controversial Push for Digital Surveillance – Danny Mekić
estimated reading time: 11 min Biography Quotes Nederlands Menu Danny Mekić. Speaker Chairman Entrepreneur NewTeam StrategyCooker HackathonFactory Innovation Company Innovations Au
chatcontrol caffe20 privacynews 2023-10-15 Setting the record straight
estimated reading time: 5 min On the 25th of October I will be having an exchange of views with the LIBE committee on my proposal to prevent and fight child sexual abuse. The next day the LIBE committee will
minori detox pornografia caffe20 2023-09-15 Avvenire intervista don Di Noto sui minori, porno online e misure efficaci.
estimated reading time: 6 min Don Fortunato Di Noto - Ansa Indimenticabili, riecheggiano ancora le parole chattate dal branco di Palermo, appagato dopo le sevizie sulla coetanea che li implorava di smettere
china minori cina regolamentazione privacydb 2023-09-13 Children In China Can Only Use Smartphone For 2 Hours A Day: Beijing To Limit Internet Addiction
estimated reading time: 2 min Internationaloi-PTIBy PTI| Published: Thursday, August 3, 2023, 12:39 [IST]China's internet watchdog has laid out regulations to curb the amount of time children spend on their
dsa caffe20 2023-08-25 New EU Rules for Digital Services: Why Germany Needs Strong Platform Oversight Structures
estimated reading time: 77 min PublikationenAuthor: Dr. Julian JaurschTopics: Strengthening the Digital Public Sphere and Platform RegulationPublished on: May 17th, 2022German version:  Neue EU-Regeln f
dsa caffe20 2023-08-25 EDRi DSA Answering Guide
estimated reading time: 64 min INTRODUCTIONThe European Commission has launched a public consultation to gather your views about the regulation of online services to shape the future Digital Services Act (DS
copyright ricette cucina intelligenza artificiale caffe20 lexai 2023-08-19 Fully AI Made Art Can't Be Copyrighted, Rules US Judge
estimated reading time: 2 min Image: Jason Mendez/Getty Images (Getty Images) For those in the entertainment industry (and creative fields more generally), AI has been an extremely divisive topic. As v
cultura scienza caffe20 intellettuali 2023-08-18 Il Rinascimento. Gli ingegneri del Rinascimento: dalla tecnica alla tecnologia in "Storia della Scienza"
estimated reading time: 141 min Il Rinascimento. Gli ingegneri del Rinascimento: dalla tecnica alla tecnologia Paolo Galluzzi Gli ingegneri del Rinascimento: dalla tecnica alla tecnologia Nell'immagine conve
music copyright internet archive recordings caffe20 2023-08-12 Music labels sue Internet Archive over digitized record collection
estimated reading time: 1 min CompaniesSony Group CorpSony Music Entertainment Germany GmbHUniversal Music Group NVAug 11 (Reuters) - Universal Music Group (UMG.AS), Sony Music Entertainment (6758.T) and oth
sorveglianza riconoscimento facciale intelligenza artificiale caffe20 indagini privacynews 2023-08-12 Eight Months Pregnant and Arrested After False Facial Recognition Match
estimated reading time: 7 min Porcha Woodruff thought the police who showed up at her door to arrest her for carjacking were joking. She is the first woman known to be wrongfully accused as a result of facia
disney intelligenza artificiale caffe20 privacynews 2023-08-10 Disney creates task force to explore AI and cut costs: Sources
estimated reading time: 4 min Walt Disney has created a task force to study artificial intelligence and how it can be applied across the entertainment conglomerate, even as Hollywood writers and actors batt
disney free artificial intelligence intelligenza artificiale caffe20 privacydb 2023-08-10 Disney Forms AI Task Force for Theme Parks and R&D
estimated reading time: 2 min Photo: LouiesWorld1 (Shutterstock) Disney is jumping on the artificial intelligence bandwagon. The conglomerate has formed a new task force to determine how the technology
pace 2023-08-05 Gmg. L'altra Via Crucis in carcere: la Gmg dei detenuti di Fossombrone / Foto
estimated reading time: 3 min Vincenzo Varagona Uno striscione, un'immagine di Cristo, uno scrigno vuoto, da riempire con emozioni e speranze: sono tre doni che arrivano a Lisbona dai 90 detenuti del carcere
chatbot models self hosted llm intelligenza artificiale caffe20 ilbot 2023-07-30 So you want to build your own open source chatbot…
estimated reading time: 22 min (Expanded from a talk given at DWeb Camp 2023.)Artificial intelligence may well prove one of the most impactful and disruptive technologies to come along in years. This impact
microsoft email crittografia caffe20 cybernews enti pubblici 2023-07-25 Analysis of Storm 0558 techniques for unauthorized email access | Microsoft Security Blog
estimated reading time: 16 min Executive summary On July 11, 2023, Microsoft published two blogs detailing a malicious campaign by a threat actor tracked as Storm-0558 that targeted customer email that we
sciopero intelligenza artificiale caffe20 2023-07-16 Scioperare per i doppioni digitali
estimated reading time: 4 min Reuters Nell’anno in cui il cinema avrebbe dovuto riprendersi dalle conseguenze della pandemia, il sindacato degli attori di Hollywood ha approvato uno sciopero per la prima
ucraina pace 2023-07-13 Cei. Debutta il Consiglio dei giovani del Mediterraneo. «Profeti di pace oltre l’odio»
estimated reading time: 4 min Il Consiglio dei giovani del Mediterraneo davanti al Duomo di Firenze - Gambassi A 27 anni Marina Nasrat Francis Nimro non era mai salita prima d’ora su un aereo che avesse co
blockchain european sorveglianza did eid caffe20 2023-07-06 Home EBSI
estimated reading time: 4 min Created by Virginie MANGELINCK, last modified by Georgios Chatzitheodoridis on Jul 05, 2023 The European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI) was born in 2018 when 29 count
blockchain europa english wallet did banche eid euro digitale privacydb identita digitale 2023-07-06 Digital Identity Standards
estimated reading time: < 1 min DownloadPDF document, 2.26 MB This report gives an overview of the most important standards and standardisation organisations in this area. This information is useful for
intelligenza artificiale caffe20 chatgpt 2023-06-20 Exclusive: OpenAI Lobbied E.U. to Water Down AI Regulation
estimated reading time: 8 min The CEO of OpenAI, Sam Altman, has spent the last month touring world capitals where, at talks to sold-out crowds and in meetings with heads of governments, h
europeo 2021 intelligenza artificiale regolamento 2023-06-17 No title found
algoritmi privacynews 2023-06-15 The algorithm that blew up Italy’s school system  AlgorithmWatch
estimated reading time: 4 min Italy has a problem with teachers. The number of teachers on short-term contracts across pre-school and high-school education has doubled in six years. Of a total of 907,929 tea
blockchain europeo regolamentazione regolamento crittovalute 2023-06-14 Regolamento europeo 2023/1114 relativo ai mercati delle cripto attività
estimated reading time: 480 min REGOLAMENTO (UE) 2023/1114 DEL PARLAMENTO EUROPEO E DEL CONSIGLIO del 31 maggio 2023 relativo ai mercati delle cripto-attività e che modifica i regolamenti (UE) n. 1093/2010
europa confini schengen sorveglianza digital identity eid 2023-06-06 Schengen states extend border checks, ignoring EU court
estimated reading time: 6 min According to the Schengen Agreement, people and goods may freely cross the borders of the 26 signatory countries without any checks or requirements. Internal border controls wit

"Lo stato per sua natura non deve avere quell'unita' di cui parlano alcuni e che quel che si vanta come il piu' grande bene degli stati, in realta' li distrugge: e invero e' il bene di ciascuna cosa che conserva ciascuna cosa." - Aristotele, la politica

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