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training transformers transformer intelligenza artificiale
· 2024-04-15 06:57:23 Mamba Explained
estimated reading time: 24 min The State Space Model taking on transformersRight now, AI is eating the world.And by AI, I mean transformers. Practically all the big breakthroughs in AI over the last few years are due to
· 2024-03-30 09:26:41+01:00 Chatgpt api OpenAI API: How do I count tokens before(!) I send an API request? Stack Overflow
estimated reading time: 11 min Asked 1 year ago Modified 23 days ago Viewed 63k times This question shows research effort; it is useful and clear Save this question. Show activity on this post. OpenAI's text models have a context length, e.g.: Curie has a context length of
google chatbot intelligenza artificiale
· 2024-02-21 22:34:25+01:00 Gemma: Google introduces new state of the art open models
estimated reading time: 4 min DevelopersFeb 21, 20243 min readGemma is built for responsible AI development from the same research and technology used to create Gemini models.JJeanine BanksVP & GM, Developer X and DevRelTTris WarkentinDirector, Google DeepMind At Google, we believe
gatto intelligenza artificiale stregatto
· 2024-02-12 23:05:22+01:00 Ask HN: How do I train a custom LLM/ChatGPT on my own documents in Dec 2023? | Python LibHunt
estimated reading time: < 1 min As others have said you want RAG. The most feature complete implementation I've seen is h2ogpt[0] (not affiliated). The code is kind of a mess (most of the logic is in an ~8000 line python file) but it supports ingestion of everything from YouTube vid
· 2024-02-09 15:23:32+01:00 HuggingChat Assistants
estimated reading time: 5 min New Chat HuggingChat New Chat Login Theme Assistants New Settings About & Privacy HuggingChat New Chat Login Theme Assistants New Settings About & Privacy Assistants beta Popular assistants made by the community All modelsmistral
alternative model chatbots llm intelligenza artificiale
· 2024-01-26 12:19:16+01:00 17 Best Claude AI Alternatives in 2023 | by Muhammad Basit | Medium
estimated reading time: 5 min Best Claude AI Alternatives in 2023Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an integral part of our daily lives, revolutionizing the way we interact with technology. One of the popular AI chatbots is Claude AI, known for its natural conversation capabilities
open source ibm intelligenza artificiale alleanza
· 2024-01-21 11:19:36+01:00 AI Alliance Launches as an International Community of Leading Technology Developers, Researchers, and Adopters Collaborating Together to Advance Open, Safe, Responsible AI
estimated reading time: 22 min AI advancements are leading to new opportunities that can improve how we work, live, learn and interact with one another. Open and transparent innovation is essential to empower a broad spectrum of AI researchers, builders, and adopters with the informatio
· 2024-01-14 02:33:14+01:00 Un onesto confronto dei database vettoriali open source
estimated reading time: 8 min Un confronto accurato dei database vettoriali open source I database a vettori offrono una vasta gamma di vantaggi, in particolare nell’intelligenza artificiale generativa (AI) e, più specificamente, nei grandi modelli di linguaggio (LLM). Questi benefi
intelligenza artificiale embeddings
· 2024-01-14 02:25:25+01:00 Embeddings e GPT 4 per clusterizzare le recensioni dei prodotti sfruttando l'AI
estimated reading time: 6 min AI Come si possono raggruppare automaticamente centinaia di migliaia di recensioni per poterle analizzare? L'intelligenza artificiale ci può aiutare! Possiamo generate gli embeddings e clusterizzarli attraverso K-means. GPT-4, infine, può descriverli auto
linux alternative ux top intelligenza artificiale modelli primi passi
· 2024-01-06 18:22:29+01:00 Install AI Models on Linux: Discover LLMs and Chatbots for Linux
estimated reading time: 15 min Hello, fellow Linux enthusiasts! I’m excited to embark on this journey with you, exploring the fascinating realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on our favorite operating system: Linux. Whether you’re setting up a home lab or home server, running Linux
windows alternative locale llama intelligenza artificiale
· 2024-01-04 18:38:21+01:00 Text generation web UI
estimated reading time: 3 min A Gradio web UI for Large Language Models. Its goal is to become the AUTOMATIC1111/stable-diffusion-webui of text generation. Features 3 interface modes: default (two columns), notebook, and chat. Multiple model backends: transformer
alternative guide meta llm llama intelligenza artificiale chatgpt
· 2024-01-04 17:52:08+01:00 Getting started with Llama 2
estimated reading time: 31 min QUICK SETUP Prerequisite OS: Ubuntu Packages: wget, md5sum Package Manager: Conda ME If you want to use Llama 2 on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android or in a Python notebook, please refer to the open source community on how they have achieved this. Here are some
microsoft corso intelligenza artificiale caffe20
· 2023-12-02 14:33:16+01:00 Artificial Intelligence for Beginners A Curriculum
estimated reading time: 7 min AI For Beginners - Sketchnote by @girlie_mac Explore the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Microsoft's 12-week, 24-lesson curriculum! Dive into Symbolic AI, Neural Networks, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, and more. Hands-o
alternative open source alexa chatbot stt tts intelligenza artificiale caffe20 ilbot
· 2023-10-31 07:06:55+01:00 AI In A Box Envisions AI As A Private, Offline, Hackable Module
estimated reading time: 1 min [Useful Sensors] aims to embed a variety of complementary AI tools into a small, private, self-contained module with no internet connection with AI in a Box. It can do live voice recognition and captioning, live translation, and natural language conversatio
chatbot models self hosted llm intelligenza artificiale caffe20 civilenews ilbot
· 2023-07-30 07:20:08 So you want to build your own open source chatbot…
estimated reading time: 22 min (Expanded from a talk given at DWeb Camp 2023.)Artificial intelligence may well prove one of the most impactful and disruptive technologies to come along in years. This impact isn’t theoretical: AI is already affecting real people in substantial ways, an
alternative intelligenza artificiale caffe20 chatgpt
· 2023-07-22 05:52:34 Stabilityai/FreeWilly2 · Hugging Face
estimated reading time: 3 min Model DescriptionFreeWilly2 is a Llama2 70B model finetuned on an Orca style Dataset UsageStart chatting with FreeWilly2 using the following code snippet:import torch from transformers import AutoModelForCausalLM, AutoTokeniz
chatbot bert intelligenza artificiale analisi semantica analisi testi somiglianze
· 2023-07-18 09:16:51 Quickstart — Sentence transformers documentation
estimated reading time: 2 min Quickstart — Sentence-transformers documentation » Quickstart Edit on GitHub Once you have Sentencetransformers installed, the usage is simple:from sentence_transformer
ux dolly intelligenza artificiale
· 2023-04-19 10:13:08 Dolly, un modello AI simile a ChatGPT, ma libero ed open source! – Mia mamma usa Linux!
estimated reading time: 4 min Da quando la bolla AI è esplosa, possiamo dire in concomitanza con il rilascio di ChatGPT da parte di OpenAI lo scorso novembre, sono state parecchie le soluzioni LLM di cui abbiamo parlato. LLM, ossia Large Language Model, un insieme cioè di informazio
llm intelligenza artificiale caffe20 chatgpt consapevolezza
· 2023-04-16 22:59:33 Human Language Understanding & Reasoning
estimated reading time: 23 min When scientists consider artificial intelligence, they mostly think of modeling or recreating the capabilities of an individual human brain. But modern human intelligence is much more than the intelligence of an individual brain. Human language is powerfu
· 2021-10-21 09:54:41
estimated reading time: 1 min A grassroots collective of researchers working to open source AI research. GPT-J 2021-06-08 GPT-J-6B, a 6 billion parameter model trained on the Pile, is now available for use with our new codebase, Mesh Transformer JAX.Mesh Transformer JAX on GitHub >

"Le persone più creative hanno imparato a tollerare più a lungo il leggero disagio dell'indecisione e quindi, proprio perché dedicano più tempo alla riflessione, le loro soluzioni sono più creative." - John Cleese

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