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podcast conversazionale intelligenza artificiale
· 2023-12-05 20:56:09+01:00 Overdub: fix audio mistakes by typing | AI voice generation for editing
estimated reading time: 2 min Overdub uses AI voice cloning to replace awkward or incorrect audio. Just type what you actually meant to say. No more re-recording when you mis-pronounce a name, stumble through a voice over, or say something dumb. Get started for free → See how it works
intelligenza artificiale civilenews
· 2023-11-06 10:06:42+01:00 Prompting Isn't The Most Important Skill
estimated reading time: 6 min Anant Agarwal, an MIT professor and of the founders of the EdX educational platform, recently created a stir by saying that prompt engineering was the most important skill you could learn. And that you could learn the basics in two hours.Although I agree th
intelligenza artificiale impact assessment
· 2023-10-31 14:19:01+01:00 EUR Lex 52021PC0206 EN
alternative open source alexa chatbot stt tts intelligenza artificiale caffe20 ilbot
· 2023-10-31 07:06:55+01:00 AI In A Box Envisions AI As A Private, Offline, Hackable Module
estimated reading time: 1 min [Useful Sensors] aims to embed a variety of complementary AI tools into a small, private, self-contained module with no internet connection with AI in a Box. It can do live voice recognition and captioning, live translation, and natural language conversatio
intelligenza artificiale edps parere privacydb
· 2023-10-26 21:56:34 EDPS' Final Recommendations on the AI Act
estimated reading time: 3 min Press Release EDPS' Final Recommendations on the AI Act The EDPS published today its own-initiative Opinion on the Artificial Intelligence Act (AI Act) as this proposed Regulation enters the final stages of negotiations between the EU’s co-legislators. Th
intelligenza artificiale caffe20
· 2023-10-25 08:34:31 This new data poisoning tool lets artists fight back against generative AI
estimated reading time: 5 min A new tool lets artists add invisible changes to the pixels in their art before they upload it online so that if it’s scraped into an AI training set, it can cause the resulting model to break in chaotic and unpredictable ways. The tool, called Nightshad
abstract servizi intelligenza artificiale caffe20
· 2023-10-10 17:50:58 Discover the best AI tools for text writing and summarization
estimated reading time: 6 min AI tools can make life a lot easier for many people that work as content professionals. So, which one of them is the best nowadays?  Artificial intelligence, or AI, is supposed to eradicate around 85 million jobs by 2025 and create 97 million additional on
intelligenza artificiale caffe20 algoretica
· 2023-09-09 15:39:30 TIME100 AI 2023: Timnit Gebru
estimated reading time: 2 min Timnit Gebru co-wrote one of the most influential AI ethics papers in recent memory, a journal article arguing that the biases so present in large language models were no accident—but rather the result of an intentional choice to prioriti
lavoro intelligenza artificiale competenze
· 2023-09-04 09:02:36 ­­The Most Needed AI Skills and Roles in Europe Arisa
estimated reading time: 5 min The exponential growth in Artificial Intelligence (AI) leads to an unfolding need for AI skills, which cannot be met by existing learning programmes. New AI job roles are being created across all sectors as AI is not just the domain of technologists. Senior
riconoscimento facciale intelligenza artificiale
· 2023-08-12 05:19:34 Police Chief | City of Detroit
estimated reading time: 2 min Police Chief | City of Detroit James E. WhiteJames E. White was appointed Chief of the Detroit Police Department on June 1, 2021 and confirmed by Detroit City Council on September 21, 2021. Prior to his appointment, he was selected by the Michigan Departme
chatbot models self hosted llm intelligenza artificiale caffe20 civilenews ilbot
· 2023-07-30 07:20:08 So you want to build your own open source chatbot…
estimated reading time: 22 min (Expanded from a talk given at DWeb Camp 2023.)Artificial intelligence may well prove one of the most impactful and disruptive technologies to come along in years. This impact isn’t theoretical: AI is already affecting real people in substantial ways, an
· 2023-07-10 08:59:49 EU AI Act: first regulation on artificial intelligence | News | European Parliament
estimated reading time: 3 min The use of artificial intelligence in the EU will be regulated by the AI Act, the world’s first comprehensive AI law. Find out how it will protect you.As part of its digital strategy, the EU wants to regulate artificial intelligence (AI) to ensure better
privacy intelligenza artificiale caffe20 privacynews
· 2023-06-23 16:03:48 Katharina Koerner on LinkedIn: Algorithms that remember
estimated reading time: 2 min Katharina KoernerAI for Humanity, Privacy Tech/PPML, Responsible AI, PETs, AI Governance, Security• Community advocate • Bridging the world between privacy, policy, and IT1h This paper from 2018 was ahead of its time by analyzing the highly up-to-date q
english intelligenza artificiale caffe20 privacynews civilenews chatgpt aiact
· 2023-06-22 19:39:13 Do Foundation Model Providers Comply with the Draft EU AI Act? (germany)
estimated reading time: 14 min Stanford researchers evaluate foundation model providers like OpenAI and Google for their compliance with proposed EU law on AI.Requirements   Rubrics   Grades   GitHubFoundation models like ChatGPT are transforming society with their remarkable capa
intelligenza artificiale caffe20 civilenews chatgpt
· 2023-06-20 21:54:15 Exclusive: OpenAI Lobbied E.U. to Water Down AI Regulation
estimated reading time: 8 min The CEO of OpenAI, Sam Altman, has spent the last month touring world capitals where, at talks to sold-out crowds and in meetings with heads of governments, he has repeatedly spoken of the need for global AI regulation. B
intelligenza artificiale caffe20 regolamentazione civilenews
· 2023-06-18 07:50:03 The EU Artificial Intelligence Act
estimated reading time: 24 min June 14, 2023 - The European Parliament has approved its negotiating position on the proposed Artificial Intelligence Act.The European Parliament adopted its negotiating position with 499 votes in favor, 28 against, and 93 abstentions. It also amended the
riconoscimento facciale intelligenza artificiale caffe20 privacynews civilenews
· 2023-06-14 15:45:24 MEPs ready to negotiate first ever rules for safe and transparent AI | News | European Parliament
estimated reading time: 4 min The rules aim to promote the uptake of human-centric and trustworthy AI and protect the health, safety, fundamental rights and democracy from its harmful effects.On Wednesday, the European Parliament adopted its negotiating position on the Artificial Intell
intelligenza artificiale caffe20 civilenews chatgpt cross examination
· 2023-05-31 10:01:16 Jimmy Orucevic on LinkedIn: study on cross examination in artificial intelligence
estimated reading time: 1 min Jimmy OrucevicPrivacy Professional | Data Protection | Cybersecurity | Technology | CIPP/E | LLM1h Edited#Study --> an effective Framework to automatically catch factual errors in Language Models? maybe... The study below presents a new way to automatica
intelligenza artificiale civilenews
· 2023-05-14 08:41:40 ChatGPT: China detains man for allegedly generating fake train crash news, first known time person held over use of AI bot | South China Morning Post
estimated reading time: 4 min string string string string China Economy HK Asia Business Tech Lifestyle People & Culture
open source copyright free software conversazionale intelligenza artificiale caffe20
· 2023-05-08 08:30:52 The importance of Open Source AI and the challenges of liberating data Voices of Open Source
estimated reading time: 7 min (This post is taken from a speech given remotely at LLW 2023 by OSI Executive director Stefano Maffulli) The conference program places two talks back to back titled “The goals of Open Source AI” followed by “The goals of a Free Software AI”… But t
intelligenza artificiale caffe20 addestramento linee guida introduzione
· 2023-04-19 11:15:10 TensorFlow
estimated reading time: 2 min TensorFlow Save the date! TensorFlow is back at Google I/O on May 10 Register nowTensorFlow Mantieni tutto organizzato con le raccolte Salva e classifica i contenuti in base alle tue preferenze.Usa modelli pre-addestrati o addestra i tuoi Trova soluzioni ML
intelligenza artificiale caffe20 linee guida introduzione
· 2023-04-19 10:31:19 Python AI: How to Build a Neural Network & Make Predictions – Real Python
estimated reading time: 34 min If you’re just starting out in the artificial intelligence (AI) world, then Python is a great language to learn since most of the tools are built using it. Deep learning is a technique used to make predictions using data, and it heavily relies on neural
learning scratch zero formazione intelligenza artificiale caffe20 linee guida introduzione
· 2023-04-19 10:26:44 Creating an artificial intelligence 101
estimated reading time: 20 min How to create an artificial intelligence? The creation of artificial intelligence (AI) has long been a dream of scientists, engineers, and innovators. With advances in machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing, the possibilities of w
intelligenza artificiale caffe20 privacynews privacydb
· 2023-04-11 13:04:57 IA ICO Response tu GOV
estimated reading time: 15 min 1 The Information Commissioner’s response to the Governm ent ’s AI White Paper About the ICO 1. The Information Commissioner has responsibility in the UK for promoting and enforcing the UK General Data Protection Regu
intelligenza artificiale caffe20 privacynews
· 2023-04-11 13:03:21 UK unveils world leading approach to innovation in first artificial intelligence white paper to turbocharge growth
estimated reading time: 7 min Government launches AI white paper to guide the use of artificial intelligence in the UK, to drive responsible innovation and maintain public trust in this revolutionary technology. White paper sets out new approach to regulating artificial intelli
privacy intelligenza artificiale privacynews
· 2023-02-15 12:27:27+01:00 Intelligenza artificiale e ruolo della protezione dei dati personali. L’analisi di Ginevra Cerrina Feroni (Garante Privacy)
estimated reading time: 18 min Intelligenza artificiale e ruolo della protezione dei dati personali. L’analisi di Ginevra Cerrina Feroni (Garante Privacy)Intervento di Ginevra Cerrina Feroni, vice Presidente del Garante per la protezione dei dati personali(AgendaDigitale, 14 febbraio
rating intelligenza artificiale avvocati giustizia predittiva civilenews privacydb giudici
· 2023-02-13 19:46:34+01:00 Carta etica europea sull’utilizzo dell’intelligenza artificiale nei sistemi giudiziari e negli ambiti connessi adottata dalla CEPEJ
estimated reading time: 143 min Strasb urg o, 3 dicembre 2018 CEPEJ(2018)14 COMMISSION E EUROPEA PER L’EFFICIENZA DELLA GIUSTIZIA (CEPEJ) Carta etica e uropea sull’utilizz o dell’intelligenza artificiale nei sistemi giudiziari e negli ambiti
fascismo antitrust sorveglianza intelligenza artificiale caffe20 monopolio meredith whittaker
· 2022-09-07 06:56:45 The steep cost of capture
estimated reading time: 21 min Authors:Meredith Whittaker This is a perilous moment. Private computational systems marketed as artificial intelligence (AI) are threading through our public life and institutions, concentrating industrial power, compounding
sorveglianza intelligenza artificiale chatcontrol caffe20 pedopornografia
· 2022-08-28 08:38:38 Geleakter Bericht: EU Kommission nimmt hohe Fehlerquoten bei Chatkontrolle in Kauf
estimated reading time: 34 min Zentrale Kritikpunkte an der von der EU-Kommission geplanten Chatkontrolle scheinen sich zu bestätigen. Die EU-Kommission rechnet offenbar selbst damit, dass Ermittler:innen viele harmlose Aufnahmen und Chats von Minderjährigen mit eigenen Augen überpr
intelligenza artificiale regolamentazione
· 2021-10-17 08:24:26 Americans Need a Bill of Rights for an AI Powered World
estimated reading time: 6 min The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy is developing principles to guard against powerful technologies—with input from the public. In the past decade, data-driven technologies have transformed the world around us. We’ve seen what’s

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