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· 2024-05-26 07:06:11 14 Top Outstanding Open Source LLMs For Research and Commercial Use
estimated reading time: 6 min Large Language Models (or LLMs) are machine learning models (built on top of transformer neural network) that aim to solve language problems like auto-completion, text classification, text generation, and more. It is a subset of Deep Learning.The "large" re
open source llm intelligenza artificiale caffe20 modelli addrestramento
· 2024-04-22 15:43:50 Overview — OpenVINO™ documentation — Version(2022.3)
estimated reading time: 1 min Boost your model’s speed even further with quantization and other state-of-the-art compression techniques available in OpenVINO’s Post-Training Optimization Tool and Neural Network Compression Framework. These techniques also reduce your model size and
gatto intelligenza artificiale stregatto
· 2024-02-12 23:05:22+01:00 Ask HN: How do I train a custom LLM/ChatGPT on my own documents in Dec 2023? | Python LibHunt
estimated reading time: < 1 min As others have said you want RAG. The most feature complete implementation I've seen is h2ogpt[0] (not affiliated). The code is kind of a mess (most of the logic is in an ~8000 line python file) but it supports ingestion of everything from YouTube vid
local intelligenza artificiale
· 2024-02-06 06:48:43+01:00 Setting Up PrivateGPT to Use AI Chat With Your Documents
estimated reading time: 7 min Have you ever thought about talking to your documents?Like there is a long PDF that you are dreading reading, but it's important for your work or for your assignment.What if you could ask questions to it like “What are the key features mentioned in the do
self hosting intelligenza artificiale caffe20
· 2024-02-06 06:45:53+01:00 How to Run LLMs Locally on Raspberry Pi Using Ollama AI
estimated reading time: 3 min Last week, I shared a tutorial on using PrivateGPT. It's an AI tool to interact with documents.Now, that's fine for the limited use, but if you want something more than just interacting with a document, you need to explore other projects.That's when I came
· 2024-01-31 04:30:57+01:00 Con LLaMa e Alpaca si può usare un chatbot come ChatGPT in locale, senza più dipendere dal cloud |
estimated reading time: 7 min Nel machine learning l’addestramento e l’inferenza sono due fasi fondamentali per il processo di sviluppo di un modello.L’addestramento è la fase in cui il modello viene allenato su un set di dati, generalmente molto ampio così da ottimizzare le cap
intelligenza artificiale slm
· 2024-01-22 09:03:38+01:00 Installation SLM Lab
estimated reading time: 1 min Clone the repository:Install the dependencies:This runs a prepared bash script with the necessary setup steps, with Python dependencies managed through Conda. Refer to the Help page if you encounter issues.Alternative InstallationsBring-your-own-PyTorch/GPU
open source ibm intelligenza artificiale alleanza
· 2024-01-21 11:19:36+01:00 AI Alliance Launches as an International Community of Leading Technology Developers, Researchers, and Adopters Collaborating Together to Advance Open, Safe, Responsible AI
estimated reading time: 22 min AI advancements are leading to new opportunities that can improve how we work, live, learn and interact with one another. Open and transparent innovation is essential to empower a broad spectrum of AI researchers, builders, and adopters with the informatio
ux intelligenza artificiale
· 2024-01-20 13:59:50+01:00 LinDoz – Makululinux
estimated reading time: 9 min Makululinux LinDoz is built on our new hybrid 2023 Ubuntu/A.I driven Base and Designed on a heavily modified Cinnamon Framework. Designed to make the user transition from Windows to linux Easier
ux intelligenza artificiale modelli
· 2024-01-20 13:51:14+01:00 I 10 migliori strumenti di intelligenza artificiale open source per linux
estimated reading time: 4 min In questo post tratteremo alcuni dei migliori strumenti di intelligenza artificiale open source (AI) per l'ecosistema linux. Attualmente, l'IA è uno dei campi in continua evoluzione della scienza e della tecnologia, con un'at
alternative open source intelligenza artificiale chatgpt
· 2024-01-13 09:04:12+01:00 13 Best Open Source ChatGPT Alternatives
estimated reading time: 5 min ChatGPT is a powerful generative AI tool developed by OpenAI. You enter text prompts in a conversational way, and it gives you a detailed response.Sure, it is not perfect. But, sometimes it is incredibly helpful. No matter what you do with it, unfortunately
linux alternative ux top intelligenza artificiale modelli primi passi
· 2024-01-06 18:22:29+01:00 Install AI Models on linux: Discover LLMs and Chatbots for linux
estimated reading time: 15 min Hello, fellow linux enthusiasts! I’m excited to embark on this journey with you, exploring the fascinating realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on our favorite operating system: linux. Whethe
windows alternative locale llama intelligenza artificiale
· 2024-01-04 18:38:21+01:00 Text generation web UI
estimated reading time: 3 min A Gradio web UI for Large Language Models. Its goal is to become the AUTOMATIC1111/stable-diffusion-webui of text generation. Features 3 interface modes: default (two columns), notebook, and chat. Multiple model backends: Transformers, llama.cpp (through ll
· 2024-01-04 17:55:33+01:00 👋 Welcome to MLC LLM — mlc llm 0.1.0 documentation
estimated reading time: 3 min Discord | GitHub Machine Learning Compilation for Large Language Models (MLC LLM) is a high-performance universal deployment solution that allows native deployment of any large language models with native APIs with compiler acceleration. The mission of this
alternative guide meta llm llama intelligenza artificiale chatgpt
· 2024-01-04 17:52:08+01:00 Getting started with Llama 2
estimated reading time: 31 min QUICK SETUP Prerequisite OS: Ubuntu Packages: wget, md5sum Package Manager: Conda ME If you want to use Llama 2 on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android or in a Python notebook, please refer to the open source community on how they have achieved this. Here are some
· 2023-12-23 17:00:37+01:00 Ollama, intelligenza artificiale in locale sui propri sistemi
estimated reading time: 5 min I LLM (Large Language Models) sono modelli linguistici di grandi dimensioni addestrati su enormi quantità di testo al fine di apprendere le strutture linguistiche e le relazioni semantiche.  Questi modelli possono quindi “comprendere” e generare testo
intelligenza artificiale caffe20 linee guida introduzione
· 2023-04-19 11:18:10 PyTorch
estimated reading time: 2 min Get Started Mobile Blog Tutorials Resources GitHub Faster, more pythonic and dynamic as everInstall Key Features &Capabilities See all FeaturesProduction ReadyTransition seamlessly between eager and graph modes with TorchScript, and accelerate
ux dolly intelligenza artificiale
· 2023-04-19 10:13:08 Dolly, un modello AI simile a ChatGPT, ma libero ed open source! – Mia mamma usa linux!
estimated reading time: 4 min Da quando la bolla AI è esplosa, possiamo dire in concomitanza con il rilascio di ChatGPT da parte di OpenAI lo scorso novembre, sono state parecchie le soluzioni LLM di cui abbiamo parlato. LLM, ossia Large Language Model, un insieme cioè di informazio

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