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Milano, sab 2 dicembre 2023:, Social media non vi temo - Ascolti tra Marketing e AI

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artificial intelligence gafam intelligenza artificiale caffe20 regolamentazione civilenews chatgpt fake perception
· 2023-11-18 06:37:17+01:00 Big Tech is inflating fears about AI's risk to humanity: Google Brain cofounder
estimated reading time: 2 min Steve Jennings / Stringer/Getty ImagesBig Tech is lying about some AI risks to shut down competition, a Google Brain cofounder has said. Andrew Ng told The Australian Financial Review that tech leaders hoped to trigger strict regulation. Some large tech co
intelligenza artificiale impact assessment
· 2023-10-31 14:19:01+01:00 EUR Lex 52021PC0206 EN
alternative open source alexa chatbot stt tts intelligenza artificiale caffe20 ilbot
· 2023-10-31 07:06:55+01:00 AI In A Box Envisions AI As A Private, Offline, Hackable Module
estimated reading time: 1 min [Useful Sensors] aims to embed a variety of complementary AI tools into a small, private, self-contained module with no internet connection with AI in a Box. It can do live voice recognition and captioning, live translation, and natural language conversatio
intelligenza artificiale caffe20
· 2023-10-25 08:34:31 This new data poisoning tool lets artists fight back against generative AI
estimated reading time: 5 min A new tool lets artists add invisible changes to the pixels in their art before they upload it online so that if it’s scraped into an AI training set, it can cause the resulting model to break in chaotic and unpredictable ways. The tool, called Nightshad
copyright intelligenza artificiale caffe20 sentenza lexai cricette
· 2023-08-20 23:17:46 Usa arte e AI, no copyright: la sentenza
estimated reading time: 1 min Le opere d'arte create dall'Intelligenza artificiale non possono essere protette da copyright poiché mancano di un requisito fondamentale per la legge americana sul diritto d'autore: essere un prodotto della mente umana.Lo ha
copyright ricette cucina intelligenza artificiale caffe20 civilenews lexai
· 2023-08-19 23:56:24 Fully AI Made Art Can't Be copyrighted, Rules US Judge
estimated reading time: 2 min Image: Jason Mendez/Getty Images (Getty Images) For those in the entertainment industry (and creative fields more generally), AI has been an extremely divisive topic. As various websites like ArtStation have decided to basically let art created by the
copyright legal intelligenza artificiale chatgpt
· 2023-07-12 09:55:15 Building and Using Generative Models Under US copyright Law
estimated reading time: 1 min 65 Pages Posted: 2 Jun 2023 Last revised: 14 Jun 2023Date Written: May 30, 2023AbstractAs advancements in artificial intelligence continue to expand our capabilities, generative machine learning (ML) tools have sparked considerable interest and debate. Thes
· 2023-07-10 08:59:49 EU AI Act: first regulation on artificial intelligence | News | European Parliament
estimated reading time: 3 min The use of artificial intelligence in the EU will be regulated by the AI Act, the world’s first comprehensive AI law. Find out how it will protect you.As part of its digital strategy, the EU wants to regulate artificial intelligence (AI) to ensure better
english intelligenza artificiale caffe20 privacynews civilenews chatgpt aiact
· 2023-06-22 19:39:13 Do Foundation Model Providers Comply with the Draft EU AI Act? (germany)
estimated reading time: 14 min Stanford researchers evaluate foundation model providers like OpenAI and Google for their compliance with proposed EU law on AI.Requirements   Rubrics   Grades   GitHubFoundation models like ChatGPT are transforming society with their remarkable capa
intelligenza artificiale caffe20 civilenews chatgpt
· 2023-06-20 21:54:15 Exclusive: OpenAI Lobbied E.U. to Water Down AI Regulation
estimated reading time: 8 min The CEO of OpenAI, Sam Altman, has spent the last month touring world capitals where, at talks to sold-out crowds and in meetings with heads of governments, he has repeatedly spoken of the need for global AI regulation. B
videosorveglianza intelligenza artificiale civilenews chatgpt
· 2023-06-17 15:23:33 Guerre di Rete AI Act, l'Europarlamento tiene
estimated reading time: 14 min Cosa prevede l'attuale formulazione della legge. Poi sorveglianza, TikTok e altro. Screenshot della conferenza stampa all’Europarlamento del 14 giugno 2023 Guerre di Rete - una newsletter di notizie cyber a cura di Carola Frediani N.163 - 17 giugno
intelligenza artificiale civilenews chatgpt
· 2023-06-17 15:22:38 Guerre di Rete AI Act, l'Europarlamento tiene
estimated reading time: 14 min Cosa prevede l'attuale formulazione della legge. Poi sorveglianza, TikTok e altro. Screenshot della conferenza stampa all’Europarlamento del 14 giugno 2023 Guerre di Rete - una newsletter di notizie cyber a cura di Carola Frediani N.163 - 17 giugno 2
riconoscimento facciale intelligenza artificiale caffe20 privacynews civilenews
· 2023-06-14 15:45:24 MEPs ready to negotiate first ever rules for safe and transparent AI | News | European Parliament
estimated reading time: 4 min The rules aim to promote the uptake of human-centric and trustworthy AI and protect the health, safety, fundamental rights and democracy from its harmful effects.On Wednesday, the European Parliament adopted its negotiating position on the Artificial Intell
openai intelligenza artificiale caffe20 privacynews civilenews chatgpt
· 2023-05-26 11:44:11 OpenAI may leave the EU if regulations bite CEO
estimated reading time: 1 min LONDON, May 24 (Reuters) - OpenAI CEO Sam Altman said on Wednesday the ChatGPT maker might consider leaving Europe if it could not comply with the upcoming artificial intelligence (AI) regulations by the European Union.The EU is working on what could be the
open source copyright free software conversazionale intelligenza artificiale caffe20
· 2023-05-08 08:30:52 The importance of Open Source AI and the challenges of liberating data Voices of Open Source
estimated reading time: 7 min (This post is taken from a speech given remotely at LLW 2023 by OSI Executive director Stefano Maffulli) The conference program places two talks back to back titled “The goals of Open Source AI” followed by “The goals of a Free Software AI”… But t
intelligenza artificiale caffe20 civilenews algoretica
· 2023-03-15 19:50:59+01:00 Microsoft just laid off one of its responsible AI teams
estimated reading time: 12 min (Ashkan Forouzani / Unsplash)I.Microsoft laid off its entire ethics and society team within the artificial intelligence organization as part of recent layoffs that affected 10,000 employees across the company, Platformer has learned. The move leaves Mi
idee cybersec intelligenza artificiale avvocati
· 2022-12-31 06:56:38+01:00 Baker McKenzie: «Dati e intelligenza artificiale, così il digitale trasforma il lavoro negli studi legali»
estimated reading time: 3 min Intervista a cheng (Baker Mckenzie)di Giuliana Ferraino26 dic 2022«Sono tempi di grande incertezza, ma in ogni sfida c’è un’opportunità», afferma Milton Cheng, Global Chair di Baker McKenzie, uno dei primi tre studi legali a livello mondiale, con 3,
copyright intelligenza artificiale caffe20 @margherita intelligenza artificiale generativa
· 2022-12-14 18:11:48+01:00
estimated reading time: < 1 min wallabag can't retrieve contents for this article. Please troubleshoot this issue.
disney copyright intelligenza artificiale caffe20 @infrid disegnare diritto d'autore
· 2022-11-02 14:20:18+01:00 Invasive Diffusion: How one unwilling illustrator found herself turned into an AI model
estimated reading time: 12 min Last weekend, Hollie Mengert woke up to an email pointing her to a Reddit thread, the first of several messages from friends and fans, informing the Los Angeles-based illustrator and character designer that she was now an AI model. The day before, a Reddit
fascismo antitrust sorveglianza intelligenza artificiale caffe20 monopolio meredith whittaker
· 2022-09-07 06:56:45 The steep cost of capture
estimated reading time: 21 min Authors:Meredith Whittaker This is a perilous moment. Private computational systems marketed as artificial intelligence (AI) are threading through our public life and institutions, concentrating industrial power, compounding marginalization, and quietly s
intelligenza artificiale caffe20 @benanti
· 2022-07-03 14:59:30 IA e democrazia, servono nuovi anticorpi. Parla padre Benanti
estimated reading time: 6 min Se a partire dalla rivoluzione industriale la macchina ha preso il posto del lavoro muscolare, oggi la rivoluzione digitale ha già cambiato radicalmente le vite di gran parte dell’umanità, con tutte le conseguenze che si possono già osservare sotto mol
copyright intelligenza artificiale caffe20 civilenews
· 2022-03-05 04:08:54+01:00 Martin Ebers on LinkedIn: EUIPO AI and Infringement and Enforcement of copyright
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"«L'Italia e' una Repubblica democratica fondata sul lavoro. Bello, no?». Che cosa e' bello? «Queste due parole: repubblica e democratica. Vuole dire che non c'e' il re. E che al centro ci siamo noi»" - studentessa di 10 anni.

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