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Rassegna su fake e phishing. Chiedi

Store 2021-09-24
Come difendersi dalle recensioni false
Modello di contestazione, istruzioni d'uso e mappa per le strategie difensive
amazon fake caffe20 2022-10-24 Amazon Review Checker
2 min Have you ever purchased a 5-star product on Amazon that turned out to be a complete piece of garbage? Sadly, virtually everyone has had this frustrating experience...and more than once!One of the rea
amazon fake ecommerce denuncia caffe20 @fstefanof recensioni 2022-10-20 Amazon denuncia le recensioni false in Italia: è la sua prima causa penale in Europa
1 min Amazon continua la battaglia contro le le recensioni false, presentando in Italia la sua prima denuncia penale a livello europeo in questo ambito.L’obiettivo, ha detto in una nota il colosso dell 2021-09-16 Fake reviews: le aziende possono difendersi dalle recensioni denigratorie
< 1 min wallabag can't retrieve contents for this article. Please troubleshoot this issue.
fake reviews recensioni 2021-09-16 S43545 021 00193 8
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fake rating francia commenti caffe20 recensioni denigratoria sentenza imprese 2021-09-16 Fake reviews: le tribunal de commerce d’Aix en Provence a condamné une application mobile
2 min Après le tribunal de commerce de Paris, le tribunal de commerce d’Aix-en-Provence a condamné l’application mobile Yuka pour pratiques commerciales trompeuses et dénigrement à l’égard d’u
fake reviews 2021-06-27 Facebook and eBay pledge to combat trading in fake reviews
2 min Skip to main contentHome Business and industry Business regulation Competition Press release In a win for online shoppers, Facebook and eBay have signed up to agreements to better identify, investig
amazon fake ecommerce reviews consumers 2021-06-27 CMA to investigate Amazon and Google over fake reviews
2 min In this next phase of the work, the Competititon and Markets Authority (CMA) will gather further information to determine whether these two firms may have broken consumer law by taking insufficient a

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