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Rassegna su fake e phishing. Chiedi

Store 2021-09-24
Come difendersi dalle recensioni false
Modello di contestazione, istruzioni d'uso e mappa per le strategie difensive
amazon fake caffe20 2022-10-24 Amazon Review Checker
2 min Have you ever purchased a 5-star product on Amazon that turned out to be a complete piece of garbage? Sadly, virtually everyone has had this frustrating
fake europa disinformazione caffe20 sceriffi 2022-06-16 Platforms prepare for new anti disinformation commitments in revamped code of practice
4 min The new Code of Practice on Disinformation, seen by EURACTIV before its publication on Thursday (16 June), contains a set of commitments related to online advertising, tacking manipulative practices,
facebook fake caffe20 2021-10-04 9 Horrifying Facts From the Facebook Whistleblower Interview
7 min Last week, the Wall Street Journal published internal research from Facebook showing that the social media company knows precisely how toxic its own product is for the people who use it. But tonig
fake rating francia commenti caffe20 recensioni denigratoria sentenza imprese 2021-09-16 Fake Reviews: le tribunal de commerce d’Aix en Provence a condamné une application mobile
2 min Après le tribunal de commerce de Paris, le tribunal de commerce d’Aix-en-Provence a condamné l’application mobile Yuka pour pratiques commerciales trompeuses et dénigrement à l’égard d’u
fake afghanistan caffe20 2021-08-17 Facebook, Twitter deal with doctored photos, graphic videos as Afghanistan falls
4 min Social networks continue to grapple with misinformation and offensive content.  Getty Images A CNN
amazon fake ecommerce reviews consumers 2021-06-27 CMA to investigate Amazon and Google over fake reviews
2 min In this next phase of the work, the Competititon and Markets Authority (CMA) will gather further information to determine whether these two firms may have broken consumer law by taking insufficient a

"Chiedo e soffro fortemente nel mio cuore, per tutta questa burocrazia e queste leggi che condannano e penalizzano il povero, l’indigente e i più deboli" - Fr. Biagio

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